12 April 2009

Tissa Godawitharane's People Search Engine : Review 06

Kirsten Faucette

"The first thing you must do is realize that in all important aspects there is no difference between running an online and an offline business. Both are BUSINESSES and must be approached

In an offline business sales can go up and down and no 2 days are alike.
The same thing with an online business. Would I close my offline store if I didnt make much or anything for that matter, in a short period? HECK NO - same thing with an online business. As a matter of a fact it makes me want to do more, to think of other ways to get my sales up.

Why am I writing this? Because thats whats happend to me the last two weeks - I got Google slapped, ouch.

I had an ad that was actually doing okay, but I wanted it to convert even better, so I made some changes. Now here is a lesson, I want to pass on to all of you that are using Google Adwords to advertise your seach engine. NEVER make more than one change a the time, then wait and see what happens before you make another change to your keywords.

I made the mistake that I changed some part of my ad, I changed the link and I added some new keywords and I deleted some. A few days later I didnt get the daily leads and sales anymore. The worst part is that I didnt remember exactly how my campaign was before I made the changes.

I have now been making small changes - one at the time :) for some days now and it looks like Im getting back on track again. The leads and sales have started to show up again. The next week will tell.

So remember this when you want to improve a campaign that are already working.

Ok -I know some have been waiting to see my earnings on here ( right Tissa :)
so here they are, with Google slap and all.

Total Earned
$2005.00 Total Paid
$1799.00 Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $344 in Pending Payments!

TOTALS $2349,00

Mylife (Reunion) $293,80
HD Publishing $ 80,00
Clickbank $ 47,80
Adsense $ 29,75

GDI bonus`s $300,00 PLUS the residual from GDI every month.
My GDI team have grown by 100 sign ups - all coming from the people search.

TOTAL OF $3100,35

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Tissa Godawitharane's People Search Engine : Review 05

Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 05
By: winglee

Hello Everyone,

I just want to let you all know that I am also a living proof that Tissa's system is a genuine money making opportunity. I have been with GDI for over a year, and I haven't never been able to get very steady signups until I started using Tissa's system. It's by far the most profitable biz I have joined. In less than 2 months, I had earned multiple income streams total over $1000. Every dollar I spent for advertising I make profit. I wish all my GDI downlines are using it. I know, the old saying, system work, people fail. People who join Tissa's program and don't promote it will fail. I have been scammed a few times and joined a few homebizes that ripped me off and made no money. Tissa's program is a real keeper, and that's why I am making it my primary program after 2 months, 'cause People Search Engine Rock!!!

Happy Holidays!

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Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 04

Tissa Godawitharne Review 04 by :

"I am not expecting to get rich quick with this program but I know the program works. The proof is in my back office and I haven't even promoted it the way Tissa said yet. It is not even a program. It is a business that should be built like any other business.

All I have done is promote it to my networking buddies and networking sites that I am a member of.

Looks like Scam.com just can't SQUASH this one. Bravo Tissa and thank you for your honesty.

In my honest opinion, I think some of the people at Scam that tends to squash every program are people who are successful in Online marketing. They feel threatened when someone else comes up with something good or better than what they do.

People who come here to check out about programs should learn to do their own due diligence. So many people have missed good opportunities because of Scam.com.

Again - Do your own research.

Most ardent Scam.comers are successful in their business. They will tell you to start your own business, blah, blah, blah. But ask yourself - Do you have the money and the expertise like they do?

They have money to spend in HEAVY ADVERTISING and so on. They have all the technical know-how to make their business work -But do you? Nothing else matters to them. They don't care about you the little guy that only have $50 to invest in some little program that will give you an extra $300 a month. They will call it a Scam because for them it's "chicken change."

People Search works. And if you know how to soft sell, you can use it to build a solid customer base for years to come. You will never waste time and money on a marketing program again. For me, that's the brilliance I saw with the program...and talk about what it cost to get involved - peanuts.

For those who want to give it a try, I say go for it. If you treat it as a business, you would not be disappointed. I promise you that."

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Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 03

Review 03 By :

I've been with Tissa's Acme program for 6 months now. Took me a while to get the hang of the PPC thing, but so far I've made more money with his deal than I made in 6 years of trying all sorts of internet crap! Not a fortune, but enough profit to see that it's defintely NOT a scam. Is it easy? Of course not, you have to follow his steps and still work hard for yourself. Like the other guy said, programs that make easy money don't exist! Tissa's support has been awesome, he's replied personally to a lot of my tickets.

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Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 02

Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 02

Well said Willystyle.

I too had joined Tissa's program back in July and have had nothing but success through this program and great appreciation for Tissa making it available. I had just started dipping in internet marketing in June of this year. This program helps push me along in internet marketing.

Here is some Udude facts:

Yes! - I did all 3 steps
Yes! - I did get enough referrals to get paid my $125 bonus.
Yes! - I am very pleased with this program
Yes! - I have been paid for my efforts promoting and referring every month since I've started.
Yes! - I am and will continue to promote and refer.


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Tissa Godawitharne's People Search Engine : Review 01

Review 01
Name: willystyle

Happy Holidays to Everyone. I am here to let all know that neither Tissa Godavitarne nor his Acme People Search Engine is anything RELEVANT to a Scam. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH of what Tissa is all about and his Excellent Program. Let me give a little history on how I got started with Tissa and Acme People Search. In April of this year(2008) I was searching for an Online Business to help create some more income for my Wife and I. I came across Tissa's program and his story of how he started or devolped his program. He had a telephone number posted on his page and a 1099 showing his earnings from ONE of his Affilate Programs with very impressive earnings. Now this was the first time that I had anyone actually show a 1099 form online. You come across a lot of programs that people show their Clickbank screenshots and what not but they do not give out their phone number and I sure they do not give out their Office address inviting Affiliates to stop by for an Open house. After I read his page with the picture of his house he has bought with nothing but Affiliate Commissions I got started right away and as promised within my first 30 days I got 100 FREE SEARCHES on my Search Engine not just visits where someone views the page and then leaves but actual searches that gives you a chance to "Make Money" from Affiliate Commissions. That is what we all want correct? A Legit Program where you can actually Make Money. Well I have received checks from all the ways you can make money with Tissa's program.

These are:
HD Publishing
His Refferal Program(Actually paid by Paypal)
Adsense-I have not received money from yet because I have not finished all my steps with Adsense to get paid:)

Tissa's Refferal Program pays you when you bring in new people to sign up to get their own Niche Search Engine just like you have. You will Automatically without doing any work or advertising on your own have $125 dollars pending commission to you. This is actual Free Money folks. You will have to bring in some Referrals on your own till you reach a threshold of $200. Then Tissa will pay you $200 to YOUR Paypal account. So you just got paid $200 for bringing in $75 dollars. Umm......that is Extremely Fair and Great.

Now when you use Tissa's refferal program you will also have the opportunity to build your GDI downline. GDI/Global Domains International/Website.ws......has been around since 1999. This is one option on Step 2 for people to get the domain name they will need to have there own People Search Engine. This is another way for you to build another Residual Income Stream for yourself.

Now Tissa's Program gives you SIX(6) different Income Streams and truly does work. I am living proof along with many other of his Affiliates.

Now as Great and exciting as all of this is what is even better is that Tissa makes himself available via phone or an office visit when he is doing Open Houses or through his support ticket system in YOUR back office to make sure that you can be succesful in this business. He is not some invisible GURU who no one has Access to. He is available to help you and me to be succesful Internet Marketers. But one thing is for sure is that YOU and ME have to be willing to get off of OUR butts and help ourselfs too. Learn what we need to do so OUR Online Business will be successful. Another thing I forgot to mention is that Tissa will follow-up with everyone who vists your site for up to one full year to ensure that we get the Ultimate chance to Make Money with his system.

In Conclusion to those of you who are looking for a A complete 100% LEGIT way to have an Online Business then do yourself a favor and get started with TISSA's PROGRAM and find out for YOURSELF how IT IS NOT A SCAM.


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Make 500$ per week with Tissa Godawitharne

Here is an amazing opportunity for most of you looking for a steady income throughout your life.
People called this program as Tissa’s Program or Tissa Godawitharne’s People Search Engine. (acme-people-search)
There are some people I met working with Tisssa, who makes more than 2500$ per week with Tissa’s People Search.

The most important fact here is you have nothing to spend on this program. Tissa guarantees that he can make an amount of 125$ to you, within the first week with his free advertising on Google, MSN, Facebook and Yahoo.
Here we says 500$ per week, because of some people making money same as to that amount per week. However you should know how to get more traffic to your niche search engine and promoting your site on the internet to make an amount of 500$ or more.

We look at the features of Tissa Godawitharne’s People Search Program.

1. First you sign up with Tissa’s program and make a your own people search engine. You will be given unique URL for the People Search engine or host it with your own .ws domain and web host(conditions apply for web host).

2. Tissa Godawitharne will create the search engine for you on your host or a Tissa affiliate site.

3. Then you have to sign up with ad programs and affiliate programs such as Google adsense, Click Bank, HD publishing etc using your newly created free sarch engine. You can make a good amount of money with these programs just after you completed few steps.

4. Tissa will promote your People Search Engine in Google, Yahoo, Facebook and MSN for free which worths 125$.
Yes 125$ free advertising for your Search Engine ! .

5. Then check your amounts within Adsense account, Clickbank, HD publishing. You will see a good amount of earnings accumulated to these accounts. Here Tissa Guarantees 125$ income within the first week after his free advertising, However earning potential is unlimited. sometimes it may be 500$ or 5000$.

6. Finally Tissa will show you other ways to make more money on the internet, Such as he will tell you how he became a millionaire using his own techniques, Other money guaranteed making opportunities etc. with your own People Search Engine.

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Cotact Details of Tissa.
Tissa Godavitarne
2325 Dulles Corner Blvd., 5th Floor
Herndon, VA 20170
703-788-6758 Office
703-997-8498 FAX